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In order to provide you with the ultimate weight loss experience, LIPO-6 utilizes the power of liquid capsules for superior absorption. This revolutionary weight loss technology releases a rush of fat burning ingredients so you can start burning more calories and losing more weight than ever before. LIPO-6 is at the top of its class in weight loss performance products.

After its release in 2005, LIPO-6 was considered to be one of the best liquid capsule fat burners available. Now, LIPO-6’s formula has been perfected, becoming a reliable tool for any weight loss regimen. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or weekend warrior, LIPO-6 can help you sculpt your body for the lean, cut look you’ve always wanted. LIPO-6 is vegetarian friendly and is packed with pharmaceutical-strength ingredients clinically proven to promote a significant reduction in weight.

Lipo-6’s Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous :Caffeine is considered to be the king of weight loss ingredients, and Lipo-6 uses a pure and concentrated form of caffeine to give you the most extreme weight loss experience possible. Caffeine interacts with your body’s central nervous system, blocking adenosine receptors for that ultimate energy rush. In addition to helping you to burn more calories than ever before, caffeine anhydrous can sharpen your mental acuity while enhancing your mood and focus, giving you the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals.

Synephrine HCL :This powerful stimulant is often considered the safer alternative to FDA banned ingredients, giving you all the benefits but without the harmful side effects. Synephrine increases norepinephrine levels while activating beta-3 adrenoreceptors for a superior thermogenic burn. By helping you to breakdown fat while increasing ATP availability, Synephrine is an excellent source for supercharging your workouts. Additionally, Synephrine is a mild appetite suppressant, so you can stick to your diet without fighting to control those cravings.

Yohimbine :n order to optimize your performance, Yohimbe is the perfect thermogenic ingredient to trigger your fat burning fires and induce lipolysis. To help you lose weight, Yohimbe blocks alpha-2 receptors to inhibit the absorption of fat while stimulating blood flow to adipose tissue.

If you’re having trouble eliminating that stubborn fat clinging to your belly, thighs, or arms, chances are likely that you have overabundance alpha-2 receptors.

Guggulsterones :Your thyroid is in control of a wide variety of fat-burning hormones, and maintaining healthy thyroid functions is essential to losing weight. Guggulsterones influences thyroid regulating hormones (triiodothyronine) to keep your thyroid working at its peak. Although used for thousands of years to treat joint pain and boost immunity, Guggulsterones has the unique ability effective lower cholesterol while revving your metabolism.

Bioperine :Although Bioperine cannot contribute directly to stimulating weight loss, this special ingredient works synergistically with LIPO-6’s fat burning ingredients to achieve the ultimate weight loss effect. Bioperine enhances your body’s ability to absorption vital nutrients, so you get the most out of LIPO-6’s formula. When used correctly, Bioperine can act as a mild thermogenic.

Supplement Facts

LLIPO-6 is an extremely powerful formula and should be used with caution. Before using LIPO-6, consult with your doctor to see if this product is right for you. In order to assess your tolerance of this extreme weight loss supplement, start with a smaller dose and progressively work your way to the recommended amount.

To start, begin by taking one capsule in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast, and again 6 hours later before a meal for the first 2 days. For days 3 and 4, you can increase the amount to two capsules in the morning and one in the afternoon. By Day 5, you will reach the maximum dose of 2 capsules in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon. Feel free to lower the dose to suit your needs, as you can still receive maximum weight loss benefits even without taking the maximum recommended dose.

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